Interior Freedom

What is the key to interior freedom? According to Paul, it is that which enables us able to say, “Now I rejoice greatly in the Lord …I am not saying this out of need, for I have learned to be content regardless of my circumstances. I know how to live humbly, and I know how to abound. I am accustomed to any and every situation—to being filled and being hungry, to having plenty and having need.” (Phillipians 4: 10-12)

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Paul knew that he could trust God no matter the circumstance because God deeply loved him. Deep in your heart, do you?  Short and easy-to-read, Interior Freedom packs a big message – one we all need to hear again and again.  The book searches for ways to choose interior freedom in Jesus in the midst of an abundant life, and in the grip of a life gone out of control; when it may feel impossible to see the choice before you.  Reverend Phillippe writes, that by acknowledging and accepting that God is in the good and in the bad, that choosing to remain in and maybe even embrace the bad, freedom can be found.  “The truly free person is the one who has nothing left to lose.” (pp. 130) And the one who has nothing left to lose knows his true foundation is in the love of his Father which never changes. If he has that, he has all. Using gentle, unassuming writing, Philippe invites us to the table. Will you take your seat?

Note: On its own, this book is meant to be a personal exploration and contemplation of the subject matter. Though there are no small group helps or individual devotions contained in this book, there is a separate book, Study Guide for Interior Freedom by Marie Thibodeau that can be used in a small group format or for personal study. It must be used in conjunction with the main book and is broken down into chapters that follow the book. Together, they would give a small group one chapter to read per week, and then questions to ponder and discuss for roughly 7 ninety-minute meetings.