Journey with Grief: Navigating the First Year

Grief is a black hole. Whether you’ve lost a spouse, a child, a parent or your way in life, grief can swallow you whole. It changes you forever.  Larry Warner’s Journey with Grief: Navigating the First Year is a caring friend that will help you process your grief in the first twelve months.

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A Illumination Book Award winner in 2019, the book gives words to the pain you can’t express, and it gives you permission to do what you need to do, without the pressure to explain yourself to others.  If, in your pain, you haven’t got the ability to read the whole book, there’s a grief cheat sheet that will help you understand that your feelings are normal. 

In content, the book is framed by a personal experience of the author, who lost his 18 year old son in a car accident, which gives the book a tender and real voice. It’s split into two parts, the first is written for a person who is grieving, and the second is written for a friend or relative of someone journeying through grief. I gave this book to my best friend after she’d lost her husband and she said it was a great help to her. During that time, the second half of the book helped me be there for her. Then, as life would have it, I lost my friend ten months later, and the first half of the book helped me grieve myself. I highly recommend this book, and would encourage you to keep a copy or two on your shelf, as gifts to those in your life who will may find themselves in need of it. ~ Barb Toft