Life with God: A Journey of Relationship

From our partners at Grafted Life Ministries, Life with God is a comprehensive 1-3 year study series for small groups that lays a foundation for a lifetime of relationship with God. Year 1: Foundations focus on healthy relationships as a precursor to a healthy, love relationship with God. Both 12-week semesters are built on a study of the Book of Genesis and include 12 lessons per semester with support from an audio podcast. Years 2-3: Extended Journeys take the participant deeper into a life with God with studies based on Exodus, 1-2 Samuel, the Gospel of John and Acts.

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Used as a core curriculum for adults, you’d be hard pressed to find anything more comprehensive. It’s thoroughly biblical, accessible, designed to promote spiritual growth in the context of community and sensitive to the need for inner healing while introducing the participant to a life with God incrementally over time. If you’re thinking about starting a Life with God group, you might want to use the shorter 4-week study, Do You Love Me? as a way of introducing folks to the format.

Note: This study is designed for groups with trained leaders. See how you can become a Life with God certified leader at