Mansions of the Heart

“Mansions of the Heart begins with the author’s personal story of frustration and confusion and the discovery that there is more to the Christian life than building a successful church. While strengthening his relationship with God, R. Thomas Ashbrook — an engineer-turned-pastor — went on a wondrous and often challenging adventure of discovery. By revealing his story of transformation, Dr. Ashbrook offers seekers a way to move forward on their own spiritual paths.”

A must-read primer for anyone drawn to the formissional life, Mansions of the Heart draws the reader ever deeper into a love relationship with Jesus while leaving behind the performance-based, success-driven culture of modern religious life. If you want to discover the path to a life with God — not under God or in the name of God or for God — read this book! The insets throughout tracing the spiritual maturation process in the lives of mythical Michael and Abigail make it even more practical.

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Perfect for the follower of Jesus who is wrestling with the question, “Is this all there is?” and for the pastor who wants to better understand what often appears to be a three-steps-forward-two-steps-back dynamic in the lives of their congregants, “Mansions of the Heart can help anyone discern their place on their spiritual journey and offers church leaders a process for helping church members grow as disciples of Christ.”