The Deeper Journey: The Spirituality of Discovering Your True Self

Have you reached a place in your spiritual journey where everything seems kind of stale and meaningless? Does it feel like there’s nothing more for you in your relationship with Jesus? The Deeper Journey invites you to consider the possibility that ‘it’s not what you are seeking’ that is the issue, but rather ‘who you are in your relationship with Jesus’ that is causing the roadblock.

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Mulholland. proposes that there are two ways of being in the world: living as our ‘false self,’ who we are “when we attempt to to have God in our life on our own terms,” and living as our ‘true self,’ who God created us to be, someone who is submitted and free at the same time. Mulholland does an excellent job of helping us understand who we are as our false self. This can be a difficult process, because we are often unaware of our false self and unwilling to acknowledge sin in our lives. However, if we trust God and His great love for us, we discover that He is anxious to open up springs of new life for us.  In this book, there is no condemnation, only what Jesus might say: “Hey, here is the better way; walk in it with me.”

In the last chapter of this book, Mulholland encourages the use of the Daily Office to stay connected with God, and outlines the steps to do this.  In the appendix, there are two reflection and discussion guides; one that is seven days long matching each of the chapters, and one that is one day long. Both are very helpful and could be used in a group or individual setting.